Monday, November 17, 2008

“Language is the blood of the soul...

…into which thoughts run and out of which they grow.” ~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Being a lover of languages myself, I thought this would be a wonderful time to introduce you to some great sites that offer FREE language tutorials.

BBC Languages

The BBC web site offers lessons in several different languages, including French, German, Spanish, and Italian. It also offers lessons in Portuguese, Greek, and Chinese. You can also learn little snippets of other languages, such as Urdu, Japanese, and Polish. The site also offers a page that teaches various phrases in 36 different languages. The site offers audio and video to accompany your studies, which can be great for learning pronunciation. This is a great site if you need to brush up on a language…or if you are just starting your studies.

101 Languages

This site offers instruction in many different languages. It does not offer audio, so pronunciation might be a little more difficult to nail. But it does offer a variety of other resources, including information about the region that speaks that language. This includes news, geography, and history. It’s a great place to learn about the culture behind the language while learning the language itself.

Free Online Language Courses

This site is not an actual learning site. It is, instead, a resource that offers users a list of FREE online learning sites for various languages. This is a great place for polyglots who are interested in learning multiple languages online. The languages are arranged alphabetically, and the list is quite extensive. It includes popular languages, as well as rarer ones. I highly recommend this site.


This site isn’t a learning site, either. It’s something better. It is a free pen-pal site, allowing people from different countries to connect and communicate. It’s a great way to practice a particular language…or to help someone else practice English. Users also get the chance to learn about other cultures through their pen-pals.

Bunny Burnstein

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