Sunday, December 7, 2008

Oh, the Cites You’ll See…

With finals coming upon all the students out there, I decided this would be a good time to break out some of my citation websites. Enjoy!

C.W. Post Campus

This first one is my favorite, partly because it is color-coded. Simply click on the link to the style you need at the top of the page, and you are ready to begin. Each page has a list of types of resources. Each resource has an example with each part color coded, so that you can understand what the cite should look like and what information goes where.

OWL at Purdue

This site, brought to you by the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University, lists the different types of citation style in a very useful way. Select the style you need and then scroll down to choose the type of citation format you need: in text vs. bibliography, online vs. print, etc. Once you find the section you need, you will see a list of how to cite different resources…including blogs!

Citing Information, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill Library

This is another site that breaks down the basics of each style. It’s not necessarily as user-friendly as the first two, but it is still a great resource!


This site, brought to you by Bedford/St. Martin’s, is a great place to learn about citation styles and even find resources for a particular topic. It’s a site definitely worth exploring.

The Writing Center

This site is a well-organized and easy way to check on the rules for various citations styles. It even offers orientation for each style, as well as other citation resources online.


This site is actually a type of cheat sheet brought to us by the Hekman Library of Calvin College in Grand Rapids, MI. This little gadget does the citation for you…much in the way that some databases (i.e. Academic Search Complete) do. Now, this does not always work, which is why you need the other sites I’ve listed. Sometimes this gadget does not fit the type of source you may have perfectly. One caveat: always use a citation manual or one of these sites with the KnightCite. Some citations have different rules about capitalization, and KnightCite does not handle that aspect of the citation. So always double-check your work!

Check my account for some more sites aimed at specific citation styles! Some of these sites even offer writing tips!

Bunny Burnstein

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