Monday, January 26, 2009

Reading Ahead

Everyone wishes he/she could read another person’s mind at one point or another. But how many consider reading another person’s body instead? Here are some sites to help you out with that…

Body Language for Business Communication (University of Northern Iowa)

This site offers clues as to what certain actions and expressions mean. This is useful for reading other people, as well as for making sure that other people are reading you correctly.

Facial Expressions: What’s in a Face? (American Psychological Association)

This article discusses the art (and somewhat science) of reading facial expressions.

The Gestural Origins of Language (American Scientist)

This article talks about the origin of non-verbal communication, as well as how it has changed throughout history.

Human Nonverbal Communication (Bellarmine University)

This site links to several articles on the subject.

Now…it’s important to remember that body language isn’t always 100% accurate. Crossed arms could mean that the person is closed off from you (doesn’t like you or the topic, etc.)…or it could just mean that he/she is cold. While this information is interesting and has some merit, it shouldn’t be used in excess—i.e. in lieu of what the person actually tells you.

Bunny Burnstein

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