Sunday, February 22, 2009

81st Annual Academy Awards

Tonight is the big night for many stars out there. Oscar Night!

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
This is the real site for the Oscars...the Academy. Check out information about the history of the awards. And don't miss the online exhibits!
This is the place to go to follow this year's Oscars. Check out the red carpet, learn about the nominees. There is also a place to "play along" and pick who YOU think is going to win--live!

The Official Academy Awards Database
This is a great site for anyone interested in past nominees/winners. You can search by different categories, by year. Browse nominees...or just look at the winners. This is a database near and dear to my heart!

Whether you watch it to see who wins or to find out who is wearing whom, enjoy the show!

Bunny Burnstein

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